Friday, March 22, 2013

Ok....we lied....

We now have a new favorite piece. Seriously, this tops everything! This is not only practical but beautiful. Pat sanded, filled, repainted and took out some drawers. This is now in our dining room and it holds so much! Crayons, paper, office supplies, mail, schoolwork for the kids, placemats and more! It is exactly what we needed.

Before shot first, which was still amazing! But the drawers all needed some work to slide smoothly. Then the after shots. This makes us happy.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who doesn't love wine?

 and who doesn't love to display those fancy bottles?  Problem you go.  A reclaimed wooden pallet re-purposed into a practical wine bottle and wine glass holder. This can easily accommodate 5 bottles of wine and 5 wine glasses.  If you would like one of these, they can be made in your stain choice for $35.


Our new favorite piece

We were doing our daily search on Craigslist and we found this really old vintage crib headboard and footboard.  This was bought with the intention of making a new bench for our living room.  We had sold both of the converted dresser benches and something prettier had to go in its place.

Here is a picture prior to get chopped.  The detailing is fabulous. 

Now it is starting to take shape!!!  A little chopping, sanding, gluing, nailing. 

And here it is!  We love it! It needs a permanent cushion but we can't decide what color or texture to go with it.  In the meantime.......We love it.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another beautiful custom designed dining bench....

Pat is rocking this wood thing! He received a custom order for a dining bench, without straight legs, non picnicy looking and fabulous. A few hours later this lovely 48" long, 18" wide, 18" high bench was created. The new owner LOVES it and is looking forward to using it in her dining room. This bench can be used for many purposes.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sometimes things leave me speechless....

And this piece I am about to introduce here will hopefully do the same for you. This beauty came from a super close friend of mine. She no longer had a need for it and graciously offered it to us. I ran out 12 hours later to pick it up. The excitement when I got to touch it and see it in person is more than I can explain. It's the little things in life that really make me happy. I wanted to race home at 90 mph to show Pat! I can't wait to contact an antique appraiser so I can find out when this big beauty was made. We want to restore it back to its original era. It deserves to be prettier! I did make a quick stop on the way home and had an antique store check it out. She thinks it is from the mid-late 1800's. William and Mary era, possibly from a church.

Here are a few sneak peeks at it. Can't you just picture it with a purple velvet cushion and bold gold detailing? Oh the excitement and anticipation. Enjoy the pictures and make sure you come back to see the reveal.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The newest work in progress.....and we are so excited to see it completed!

Pat was hired to convert an amazing antique full size bed into a luxurious bench. His work is just about done then it will be delivered back to its owner. They will do the final touches of painting it and making a super comfy luxurious cushion for it. Here are the pictures of the bed before and after Pat's portion being completed. Make sure you come back to see the final piece!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And the orders start rolling in!

Woo!  It is starting.  Pat completed 2 custom orders over the weekend!  The 1st order was from our friend Tricia. She ordered my most favorite piece.....this bathroom shelf.  I saw it on a blog last year and I had to have it. It was made by West Elm but it was $90! $90 for a simple (I can say simple since I am not the one that builds them) shelf.  We were in the process of re-doing our bathroom for the 4th or 5th time in 3 years(I have issues). We were trying to keep to a super low budget of under $100 and that included towels, art, shelving, paint. So the shelf was out of the question.  Along came Pat.....and along came this beauty.  These can be custom made in your color choice for only $40!   They are worth every pretty penny. 

Custom Order # 2 was a dining table bench. This baby is STURDY! Seriously, this would hold up to the abuse our children put furniture through.  The bench is currently resting in our living room and we don't want to let it go later today.  Can't you picture it with pretty baskets or cubbies underneath?  Something to hold the kids excessive amount of shoes? A nice resting place for tushies and backpacks?  These can be custom made for you for $80. This bench is 51" long but can easily be shrunk down or made longer to fit that space you never knew you needed a piece of furniture in!

Monday, March 4, 2013

A fabulous chair makeover

We found these beauties for a good deal. They were ugly and needed some updating.  They screamed "I am from the late 60's or early 70's" with that retro faded yellow fabric.  After A LOT of time in Hobby Lobby we settled on the fabric and we recovered the chair seat and back.  Glad Pat knew what he was doing because I was clueless!  A little bit of sanding and paint and we have 2 beautiful new chairs for the house.  One is for the computer desk and the other is at home in the dining room.   It fits amazing with our updated dining room.

So when you are driving around yard sales this season, don't shun something because it is ugly.  Buy it and send it our way. We will make it beautiful and send it home to you looking a million times better than when you dropped it off. Reduce trash......Save Cash!

It's all about Heidi

Now we focus on Heidi for a few minutes! I am cool too and I can make stuff.   I saw this amazing dress that I wanted for the girls for their Easter pictures.  It was only $26 before shipping but it was coming from Australia so it wouldn't make it in time.  It had a beautiful rosette bottom and lacey crochet top.  So I went in search of fabric and couldn't find what I wanted.  I settled on 2 different fabrics and with the help of my amazing mother in law.....this dress was born.  I cut the pattern and I actually used a sewing machine and sewed it together.  It is far from perfect but it will do the trick for easter pics.  And for about $30 for 2 dresses, I will take it!

 This one is actually Little M's but she was being herself and refused to try it on.  Little K gladly modeled it.  Hers has a mint green top. 

Now I need to get myself a sewing machine so I can get moving on more custom projects for my little ladies.  

A lovely custom coffee table....with storage!

Again, we run into the same problem.  All the furniture out there is expensive, too big, not the right color...etc etc etc.   Our girls are finally old enough that it was time to anchor our rug and bring in a coffee table. I told Pat what I wanted. Showed him some pictures and a day later we had this beauty in our living room! It stores my juicy gossip magazines and the excessive amount of remotes we have. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

A busted a shabby chic piece for Little K!

Heidi found this horribly beat up dresser for FREE. It need so much work. The veneer was peeling off, a leg was broken. The drawers were off track and falling apart.  Pat went to work and the finished piece was a very sturdy shabby chic dresser for Little K's room!  We love it and for only the cost of some materials to sturdy it and paint to make it pretty.....a beautiful new piece was born!

A converted bench...for your viewing pleasure

Here is a before and after of the 1st bench that Pat made out of this not so pretty dresser we scored.  Heidi made the cushion out of a blanket on clearance from TJ Maxx.  The pillow covers came from Hobby Lobby on clearance and we just used some other pillows we had hanging around the house and recovered them. 

Our Budget Friendly Dining Room Re-Do

So one day Heidi was sitting around and decided she needed the dining room table to be lower.  It was bar height but it felt like it was shrinking the house.  So 3 hours later Pat had completed chopping down the legs on the table and 4 chairs.   It looked fabulous!  But then Heidi decided that in order to really appreciate the new table height, it would require the dining room to be repainted and redecorated.   Off went Little K & Little M to Nanny and Pop Pop's house for the night so the painting could begin! 

Up went the lovely green color and away with the blue and brown. 

We purchased 3 small frames from Ollie's for $3 each and Pat spray painted them in the appropriate color scheme.  Bam! Less than $10 for 3 frames that just go lovely with the new room. Of course we had no pictures on hand to go in them, so Heidi cut some pretty scrapbook paper and put that inside the frame.  These are displayed below the amazing vintage mirror from Super Sister GG. 

Heidi "borrowed" curtains from her mom (ha...they are mine now!).  We purchased a simple brown table runner from Home Goods for $10 and Heidi added some lace and a flower to make it fit perfectly with the room!  Got to love DIY!

So up went the accessories and curtains. It looked awesome. But Heidi decided she wanted to buy and display cute little tea cups and plates.  So of course we needed a shelf to display those on.  Off went Pat to the garage and an hour later he came in with the perfect shelf!  It is tiny, cute and the perfect color!  He can make one for you too!

Here are a couple shots of our very budget friendly redo.  Too bad we don't have a before picture because it looks so different and so very awesome! 

Custom Bench

Pat made this lovely bench.  It is upcycled from a dresser that was in Little M's room.  Toss a comfy cushion in a really bold pattern on it for extra pizzaz! It provides great storage and extra seating.  This one has been sold but one can be yours for $150. 
Welcome to our blog!  Stay tuned for pictures of our creations and how you can get them!