Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sometimes things leave me speechless....

And this piece I am about to introduce here will hopefully do the same for you. This beauty came from a super close friend of mine. She no longer had a need for it and graciously offered it to us. I ran out 12 hours later to pick it up. The excitement when I got to touch it and see it in person is more than I can explain. It's the little things in life that really make me happy. I wanted to race home at 90 mph to show Pat! I can't wait to contact an antique appraiser so I can find out when this big beauty was made. We want to restore it back to its original era. It deserves to be prettier! I did make a quick stop on the way home and had an antique store check it out. She thinks it is from the mid-late 1800's. William and Mary era, possibly from a church.

Here are a few sneak peeks at it. Can't you just picture it with a purple velvet cushion and bold gold detailing? Oh the excitement and anticipation. Enjoy the pictures and make sure you come back to see the reveal.