Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Budget Friendly Dining Room Re-Do

So one day Heidi was sitting around and decided she needed the dining room table to be lower.  It was bar height but it felt like it was shrinking the house.  So 3 hours later Pat had completed chopping down the legs on the table and 4 chairs.   It looked fabulous!  But then Heidi decided that in order to really appreciate the new table height, it would require the dining room to be repainted and redecorated.   Off went Little K & Little M to Nanny and Pop Pop's house for the night so the painting could begin! 

Up went the lovely green color and away with the blue and brown. 

We purchased 3 small frames from Ollie's for $3 each and Pat spray painted them in the appropriate color scheme.  Bam! Less than $10 for 3 frames that just go lovely with the new room. Of course we had no pictures on hand to go in them, so Heidi cut some pretty scrapbook paper and put that inside the frame.  These are displayed below the amazing vintage mirror from Super Sister GG. 

Heidi "borrowed" curtains from her mom (ha...they are mine now!).  We purchased a simple brown table runner from Home Goods for $10 and Heidi added some lace and a flower to make it fit perfectly with the room!  Got to love DIY!

So up went the accessories and curtains. It looked awesome. But Heidi decided she wanted to buy and display cute little tea cups and plates.  So of course we needed a shelf to display those on.  Off went Pat to the garage and an hour later he came in with the perfect shelf!  It is tiny, cute and the perfect color!  He can make one for you too!

Here are a couple shots of our very budget friendly redo.  Too bad we don't have a before picture because it looks so different and so very awesome! 

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